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What Are The Best Blogging Platforms To Make Money In 2021?

Best Blogging Platforms 2021

Making money by freelancing jobs from the internet is a controversial topic nowadays. Some people believe it and some not.

Revealing the best blogging platforms to make money in 2021 online is a best practice to write. Blogging is a legitimate way to generate money from the internet followed by Youtube.

Most people believe earning from the internet is impossible. But they admit that Blogging and Youtube are legitimate ways to make money online from the internet as they believe in visualization not words of mouth. And Ads are visualized on Websites and Youtube.

Today’s discussion will be focused on best blogging platforms to make money.

Why Blogging?

Hobby or Earning? Now the ball is in your court. This article will lead you to gather knowledge in detail individually for each segment.

Many of us might be stuck on the question that why one should start blogging and how much potential that blogging has?

The answer is unlimited potentiality. There is no limit of earning from blogging.

Free blogging platforms will actually let you set up a website quickly without so much complexion that compared to paid blogging platforms like WordPress, Joomla.

Some of these are open-source software but the complication is that you need to install this software on the server of a hosting service provider company. You have to pay money to the hosting company to take this service.

Free blogging platforms are made mainly for the easy setup process, Anyone can write content quickly without so much SEO tricks.

The main Lack behind this flexibility is that you can’t customize your themes easily. They have a very limited option that can assist you to customize your blog design in the SEO ranking benchmark. Even you can’t add any plugins here.

You have to put advertisements on the blog to earn money like any professional blogger. But all the free platforms do not facilitate you to put unlimited advertisement place holders.

Free blogging platforms are not suitable for any professional bloggers who have taken blogging as a career. Free platforms are not suitable at all for money blogging in the upcoming future for professional bloggers.

If you choose a hobby the best answer is to start a blog with a blogger, A product of Google. For creating a new account in blogger please visit

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What are the best free blogging platform to earn money in 2021?


Blogger is a free blogging platform where you can host your website totally free of cost. Even provides a free sub-domain also so that you keep your money in your pocket. It is a very good and renowned platform for a newbie. You don’t have to invest a single penny here. All you need is a google account. That is enough to start the journey with If you have not opened the account yet, Open the account with here.



Everybody wants smartness in life, even today a little wristwatch has become smarter. When the discussion comes in terms of technology why we lagging behind?

Tumbler is a free and smart blogging site where you can follow different niches and categories. According to your selection, your feed will always be filled with numerous posts by user and group that you followed.

Tumbler is best and free blog sites where you don’t think about hosting and domain. You can post unlimited content here.

Posting a topic in Tumbler is quite simple and easy by selecting the pencil icon on the top right head of your dashboard., Tumbler supports the 7 types of post format in every topic.

  • Text
  • Photo
  • Link
  • Quote
  • Chat
  • Audio and
  • Video
post format in tumbler
Types Of Post Format In Tumbler

As WordPress you can customize your blog themes with an automatic sharing option of your blog post. Automatic sharing option enables your content to get posted on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Interaction with other user is a most valuable and a decent option that is available on Tumbler. Tumbler allows its’ user to connect with each other by evolving the following options

  • Follow a user blog
  • You can submit a post in another user’s blog
  • Submitting an ask to another user blog
  • You can send them a direct message via chat or any email platform.


Coding is difficult, Fewer among us like this. Amidst this crowd of internet bloggers few some know the coding but what will happen to the rest of them?

Wix team blocked this question from the search engine by creating their user-friendly drag and drop free and best blogging platforms for blogger and affiliate marketer.

Wix website builder has the capability to design a beautiful and presentable website only by drag and drop features in a balmy way. No coding, No backend development knowledge is cardinal here. It is a free blog site where you can get the privilege of writing unlimited content with the facility to promote unlimited affiliate links within the blog posts.

While your intention goes to earn money from the internet by promoting affiliate link may be the savior of your pocket money. But Wix does not allow others to put advertisements on its’ blog as they run their own advertisement here. When you will publish your blog you could face all the advertisements here.

The interface of this free blogging platform is simple. Even a newbie can be able to design a website by its’ drag and drop menu bar feature. All you need is to choose the right templates and a user-friendly layout.

Wix provides free hosting with its free sub-domain that is you don’t have to expense a single coin for this service.

There are 2 types of options available to create Wix blog in Wix site.

The first option will let you answer some questions. On the basis of your answer, the Artificial Intelligence of Wix editor will serve you a readymade design full website. And the second option is that You can manually design your website from the Wix drag and drop GUI(Graphical User Interface), the editor.

The GUI editor will let you choose the template and layout pattern in the front-end editor. Are you excited to open an account in Wix? Click to visit the Wix account opening sign-up page here.


Professionalism makes you perfect and leads you to achieve your goals in a very short period of time. And if you love professionalism then

The features that help WordPress stand tall in the crowd:-

  • WordPress is totally free and open-source software.
  • You can customize your themes as your choice.
  • Customizable page builder apps support like DIVI, Elementor makes WordPress unique.
  • You don’t need to expert in coding. It offers GUI(Graphical Based Interface) based drag and drop interface.
  • Any free and paid plugins are compatible with WordPress, You can use them wherever need.
  • Multiple access is allowed in WordPress, Having an Administrator account you can add multiple users and assign them their access levels and roles.
  • Search Engine loves WordPress site.
  • To do appropriate SEO there is no other platform better than WordPress.
  • Permalink format is customized. That means WordPress offers its user to create a custom URL structure as per user needs.
  • Email automation and leads generation process through plugins have made it more user friendly platform.

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Reddit is a tiny and free blogging and social media platform. As social media you can join different communities in reddit.

Reddit allows its’ user to create social media community based on human interest. Reddit platform is very popular among social media users as it accedes users to vote a post. Users can discuss the topic under any specific post and can share post that other member published on any social media platform.

People can share thoughts by publishing content in the format of texts, images or by any referral link in the relevant topic to the community that they are a member of.