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How to Earn Money On Youtube

Today I will discuss all legitimate ways to earn money on youtube by uploading videos. There are lots of fake websites on the internet that never pays a little penny for your work but there are many genuine sites too who pay a good amount for your work. You have to find legitimate ways to earn money online
Earn Money From Youtube

If you ask Search Engine for how to earn money on youtube for beginners there are lots of sites that will tell you how to earn money from youtube & make money fast today on the internet.

Today I will discuss all legitimate ways to earn money on youtube by uploading videos. There are lots of fake websites on the internet that never pays a little penny for your work. But there are many genuine sites too who pay a good amount for your work. You have to find legitimate ways to make money online.

Before starting I want to share some awe-inspiring facts about YouTube that a creator must have in knowledge apart from posting videos -on Youtube.

 Facts No.1:-Viewers watch on an average of 1000000000 hours of videos per day on Youtube.

 Facts No.2:-Creators around the world upload more than 30000 minutes of videos in a minute And viewers watch an average of total no of 4 billion youtube videos in a single day.

Facts No.3:- Three former PayPal Employees designed YouTube as online dating site.

Now, If you have the potentiality to create unique content for your audience on your niche the no.1 social video sharing platform Youtube may change your life permanently by giving you unlimited income sources.

Then what are you waiting for? Read this article till the end to perceive how youtube can change your life. Explore your expertise area now and be ready to make content on it.

We will discuss the best 6 ways to make money on youtube.

  1. Youtube Partnership Programme is widely known as Google Adsense
  2. Sell Your Merchandise
  3. Channel Membership
  4. Sponsored Video
  5. Youtube Superchat
  6. Youtube Super Stickers
Youtube Partnership Programme

The main income source of YouTubers is generated through this most popular advertisement network program all over the world called Google Adsense. You don’t have to pay a single penny for this.

       But here the next question may arise that how can one monetize youtube channel? So, Youtube very often changes its policy for monetization. As, Youtube’s final policy guidelines following criteria needed for monetization.

Youtube Monetization Requirements-

  • Your channel must adhere to Youtube’s term & policies.
  • Minimum 4000 hours of watch time must be completed by all the videos of channel within twelve months.
  • Must have minimum 1000 subscribers when you apply for monetization.
  • You have an approved adsense account in which your channel will be linked.
  • Your country should eligible for Youtube Partnership Programme.
Register for Youtube Partnership Programme Google Adsense:-

Let’s consider you are eligible for the Youtube Partnership Programme and now you want to monetize your youtube channel to make money from youtube.So you have to complete all the following steps to activate monetization on your channel

i)Go to YouTube,Sign In with your account details.

ii) In the top right corner click on your account channel icon then click on YouTube Studio.

iii)In the left menu click on the channel Status & Features under this click on monetization Enable option under monetization.

iv)Follow all the steps that will lead you to complete the Youtube Partnership Programme terms and conditions.

How to set up Google Adsense acoount:-

In Google’s official support website there is a full tutorial on how to set up an Adsense account. For visiting the site click this link here

Do you want to sign up for AdSense from Youtube you can also manage the same here by this link. This link will lead you to redirect on Google’s official support page where you can find an article on sign up for AdSense via youtube.

After successful application submission, your request will be forwarded to youtube’s officials for approval. Once your account is get approved then you are ready to make money from your videos.

But next thing is what type of ad formats you want to run when viewers will play videos from your channel. 

There are Five types of ad-formats

  • Overlay in-video ads
  • Skippable video ads
  • Non-skippable video ads
  • Sponsored ads
  • Automatic mid-roll ads

You can choose all the ad-formats or you can select ad formats options  depending  on your need.

Sell Your Merchandise:-

Merchandising is the most common way to make money on youtube by selling products through the creator’s youtube channel. Many YouTubers only focus to build up their audience, subscribers, and video engagement while smart YouTubers not only focus on that rather they focus on different earning scopes from youtube, Merch is one of these categories.

Have a look what Youtube officials say about merchandising.

A creator could sell merchandises to subscribers and can make money from this.

Merchandise Categories:-

Coffee Mug
Smartphone Covers

For the creator’s best experience youtube provides all the money-making possibility by being partnered with many merchandise companies.

One of the best merchandise service you could get when you visit the merchandise giant teespring. Here lots of stuff are available e.g T-shirt, Leggings, Mobile Covers, Cap, Bags, Mugs and many more. The creator can customize the designs of all the stuff here and could sell these on your channel. The company looks at all your needs starting from production to distribution.

You could get details about other approved merchandise sites  here.

So, if you have a good youtube community, Fair audience retention merch is one of the best ways to make money.

Whenever you will make videos please wear your merch like cap,tees,hoodies whatever possible and show it in your video to your audience.

Do not forget to provide your shop link in the video description box if you have. The following image is showing American video blogger Bethany Mota’s collaboration with Aeropostale

Channel Membership

Unlike youtube first started this program for the only gaming channel, but after few experiments, youtube has granted all creators to avail of this feature on any niche based channel.

For the auto activating membership feature tab by youtube, the Gaming channel must have more than 1000 subscribers while others more than 30000 subscribers base needed.

Membership feature allows your audience to join your channel. Many of us might have to experience membership join feature but those who do not know about this mixed it with the subscription feature.

Subscription and Channel Membership are different in nature. In Channel Membership your audience pays you some money. In lieu, you offer them some kinds of stuff like badges, emojis, live chats, perks, and some private videos that are not viewable to other normal channels subscribers.

Sponsored Videos

Sponsored videos are another way of earning source for YouTubers. In this format brand and products of companies are advertised within the creator’s videos in an elegant way.

The creators add the promotions in their videos in a smart way so that it seems these are part of their content and get attracted on the products.

You could get sponshership on your videos in two ways

a)The companies may contact directly with you for their interest.

b)You have to approach to the companies to get sponsored on your videos.

But for both of the above ways, you have to abide by some rules otherwise your video would never get sponsorship.

(i)Your video contents should be relevant to each other in your channel with good video thumbnails and a channel icon that represents your perfection in your work.

(ii)Never mix different niche videos on a same channel.

(iii) The time and day when your video comes live on your channel. If you publish video on a regular basis try to never stop it while if you publish three videos in a week maintain the same.

Youtube has its own sponsorship network platform called Famebit. Here signup is totally free for both the creators and the brands. To join famebit You must have a minimum of 5000 subscribers base on your channel. Famebit will charge 10 % as the commission after your final payment.

Similarly, there are plenty of marketplaces e.g,

  • Grapevine
  • NeoReach
  • Hypr
  • Open Influence
  • Upfluence
  • Julius
  • AspireIQ
  • Tagger Media
Youtube Super Chat

YouTube is grabbing the place of television day by day. In a survey, it has revealed that today most young generation people don’t like to watch television at all. Because most of the people spend their time on the social media platform rather than watching television.

People are being engaged with their influencer’s channel on Youtube, Viewers want to draw special attention to pin their comment when the creator comes live. For this, On live interaction, a special dollar bill symbol on the chat window is highlighted. When it clicks a slider opens to ask you to put an amount that you want to send to your influencer.

In Exchange, the comments of viewers get pinned, the more you pay, the longer the comments get pinned with some addition of a few more characters. After making the payment the comment will be highlighted in a deep color flag to inform the live streamers that it is a paid message.

For activating it,You have to go to the Youtube feature page & Click on Enable option of Super Chat.

For enabling Youtube Superchat

  • A channel must have monetization feature activated.
  • You are residing in one of the available locations .
Youtube Super Stickers:-

Alike Youtube Superchat,Youtube Super Stickers allows a creator to raise money on the YouTube when the creator comes live during live streams or any premier events.

In some countries the viewers can buy and send stickers to their favorite YouTubers during a live interaction, once purchased, it will be highlighted in the chat section to draw the attention of influencers.