The invention of technology has smoothened our life from the hardest to easier. During the Covid19 pandemic, we had felt this a lot. All the transactions, Tuition classes, Office works even seminars went online from that time.

Lots of online businesses had started at that time and lots of possibilities had been waiting online. But before this situation, many few were not used to grab that chances as they had been busy in 9-5 office jobs.

Any type of online business needs a website. All the post or page of a website is pointed by an address that is called a URL aka Uniform Resource Locator. Any website or blog could hold unlimited pages or posts.

Any website or blog could hold unlimited pages or posts. All the pages or posts have unique URLs. Sometimes posts are categorized under many sub-niches. Hence, the URL size may vary from small to large.

A small URL is ok to understand and read. Does not the question come when it is large in size? As an example, if I consider an URL like”. It is categorized under many sub-niches. That does not feel like a great experience with the end-user.

So, End user always want a great experience with you. For this reason most of the professional website use short URL when they put their link in any social media or any other platform.

Amazon’s affiliate system provides the same short URL to its promoter for shortening the wide URL.

Now lets drive into main topic. We will be dicussing the top 10 URL shortener programs that pay decent commission for shortning URL.


OUO.IO website is one of the authentic websites that pay a smooth and flat commission rate for all its shortener.

Though it pays the highest rate for the country Australia but for the rest of the countries their payout is not poky. In per 1000 views it pays $5 for Australia and for all the other countries the amount varies from $1.5 to $4.3.

You can check the rates here and for signing up please click here.


If you don’t be contented with the income of only shortening the URL rather you want much more than your search ends here.

Normally ShrinkEarn pays $3.20 to $20 depending on the countries your links visited from.
Greenland claims the highest rate of $20 per 1000 views. Visit for other countries’ payout rates here.

This tool also provides affiliate referrals to welcome new users from your referral link. For every invited user you will get a 20% commission once they will start to earn. Even you can share your affiliate referral link to any social media. There is a no spammy link will be provided by them.

  • $3 minimum daily payout.
  • Several payment methods are available by PayPal, WebMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, PaySera,¬†Perfect Money, Paytm, GooglePay, UPI, and Bank Transfer.

Finding the real, simple and veritable website is a very tough task. Most websites start cheating at the time of payment. is not among them. It is a real and authentic website who really pay all.

Linkvertise pays $70 for every 1000 views to its shortener for only shortening the link. Once your link is shorten now your job is almost over. The rule is quiet simple. The more clicks the link gets, the more payments you get. This is the logic. There is no rocket science.

Another splendid benefit of this program referral commission. It pays you a 5% commission from your referrals whenever they earn.

If you want to earn money by shortening URL link then this program could help you a lot to generate passive money. So, Are you ready to register ? I know you are.