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Best Keyword Research Tools in 2021 (Free and Paid-Top 10)

Best Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research tools are the main and best weapon putting your steps ahead to win the SEO race. Keyword research tool accelerates your website’s SEO optimization by giving you depth knowledge on Keywords, the Difficulty level of keywords, Backlinks connection, LSI keyword’s opportunity, and many more aspects.

What is Keyword Research?

Keywords are the pairs of words that are entered in a search engine to fetch the specific information of the topic that are queried in the search engine query box.

Search engines rank websites depending on the keywords strength. Hence keyword researching is a basic need to rank a website.

On this basic requirement, we need the best tools for keyword research to find out the golden keywords for our SEO.

Using a proper organic keyword in an article is necessary to get ranked in search engines. The end-user always searches the topic in terms of the keyword in the search engine query editor box.

In return, the Search engine shows the result pages in SERP(Search Engine Result Page). And All the websites get ranked on that specific keyword depending on the website quality.

Search Engines rank websites depending on keywords and quality of unique content.

Keyword Research is the primary need for a Website. Guys who want to make a career in Affiliate Marketing and Blogging must have sound command in keyword research.

Why Keyword Research Is Necessary For A Websites Or Blog?

Keyword research plays an important role in SEO. If you don’t do keyword research properly you won’t be able to rank your blog in the upcoming days.

Making a good career in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing is a dream for a Passionate Blogger.

But It is not a very easy task too in 2021 where the competition level of a familiar niche has touched the sky. And Ranking in top-level results in Google SERP not only very hard even quite difficult in 2021.

But this task is not a massive resistance to some bloggers and affiliate marketers who go through proper keyword research override this resistance in an efficient manner.

Trending Entrepreneurship And Importance of Keyword Research In IT:-

Trending entrepreneurship start-up on the internet today is Dropshipping business, Affiliate Marketing Business and hotcake today is Youtube .

Success is quite impossible to achieve in these fields without proper SEO keyword analysis in the keyword research tools.

SEO is not a very easy task and it is complicated too in 2021. Those who go for long-tail keyword research be able to rank their blog in a very short period of time.

Steadiness and patience are the main weapons to be survived in this race followed by good keyword research. Proper toiling behind keyword research is a very crucial factor in the early stage.

Those who don’t pay serious attention to keyword research, will not be able to rank their blog and leave this money-making business in upcoming days.

How Does Search-Engine Work On Keyword ?

Search Engines rank websites and blog articles in the search engines on the basis of some factors. Some of these factors are Keyword Density, Keyword tails, and article standards.

Researching a proper long-tail keyword is very important to be the stars in the search engine’s eyes.

Search Engine does not have any idea what a website or blog is all about. Search engines rank them depending on the words that are mainly called keywords.

The other factors are article uniqueness, Backlins that are connected to the site and article quality.

I am going to discuss the top 10 best free and paid Keyword research tools in 2021 that will help everyone to grow your website traffic massively in the upcoming days.

The Top 10 Keywords Research Tools:-


SEMrush is one of the best powerful tools among the top three keyword research tools in the world of Blogging and affiliate marketing.

Want to experience how it works?

Put any Keyword or website address in the below box. It will show a detailed analysis of that particular topic.

The robustness of SEMrush has made it the most unique tool for keyword research. Keyword tool SEMrush has the most advanced features that help SEO professionals to drive traffic on websites.

The unique features of SEMrush are –

1) Long Tail Keyword Analyzer using the Keyword Magic Tool features where the SEO specialists get detailed data about the seed keyword. The one thing you have to do enter your seed keyword in the search box and press enter. It will show the

(i)Broad Match of your seed keyword.

(ii)Total Monthly Volume searches.

(iii)Keyword Trend that helps SEO professionals observe the no of searches of that specific keyword within the period of 12 months over the internet.

iv)Keyword Difficulty tool gives a perfect idea of the difficulty level of a particular keyword that how much complexion involves in it to rank in SERP.

v)CPC (Cost Per Click) that helps specialists to analyze the value of a keyword in dollars as most of the advertisers use the dollar as currency.CPC helps to understand how much one can earn from a particular keyword if one can drive proper traffic to the website.



When the financial condition matters to new SEO Professionals and Entrepreneurs like Bloggers and Affiliate Marketer then there are some websites that come forward for help without a single penny investment providing efficient free and best keyword research SEO tools.

Soovle is one of the free and best SEO keyword research tools where no one even has to sign up. What you have to do just type your seed keyword in soovle input box. This tool shows automatically the trending and most searched keywords on the web.

This free keyword research tools automatically shows the trending broad match long-tail keywords from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon, Youtube, and Answers.

Soovle provides limited suggestions but the suggestions are more than enough for perfect SEO.

free keyword research tool 2021
Soovle Interface


Proper analysis of keywords and doing a proper SEO is not an easy task when we are standing in 2021.

Neil Patel who recently acquired Ubersuggest is familiarly known to all SEO professionals when the discussion comes on the topic of SEO. There is no one in the world of SEO who does not know him.

Ubersuggest is a free and best keyword research tool that gives you depth analysis of your SEO keyword.

This tool ranks among the top 5 best SEO tools for keyword research.

SEO is painful and it sucks the time and effort of people who want to rank their blogs or websites but it is not impossible to win the race against it.

Steadiness,Patience and Proper procedure of SEO can lead to grab the trophy of success.

Good Keyword Research stands on the first stair to climb the peak of the SEO mountain.Ubersuggest has made this task easy for new entrepreneurs who want to join this world of internet marketing. Using this free and best keyword research tool even a good learner can easily rank a blog with the helping of

i)Long Keyword Suggestions

iii)Monthly search volume of every keyword with CPC rate,

iv)Paid difficulty rating and SEO(Non-Paid or Organic) difficulty.

v)List of Websites that rank on the top page of Google and other search engine .

vi)No. backlinks needed to rank on that position with the domain score of that particular website.

Above details are pretty enough to get an idea of any seed keyword. For newcomer in this world those details help to rank a blog in an efficient way.

I am trying to search the details of a keyword “fat burner”,have a look how it works:-

best keyword research tool

Google Keyword Planner:-

‘Sun’ is the source of energy in the universe similarly ‘Google’ is the source of information on the internet.

Many of us use different Keyword Research Tools but all the information they collect from Google. Nothing is hidden from Google. Google can track any website, Any applications using their Bot. The bot helps Google to track these things by its’ algorithm made by Google Inc.

Google Keyword Planner previously known as Google Keyword Tool is the best and free tool that has been mainly developed to research and discover new ideas for Google Adwords by Google Inc.

Unlike all the positive sides of this free and best keyword research tool, there is also a dark side of this tool that is an ad account.

You just need an account to research new keywords for your blog or website. It’s quite simple, Just create an advertisement account with a minimum budget for 1 day to leverage this best keyword research tool benefit.

Interface Of Google Keyword Planner Tool For Best SEO Need In Google Adwords:-

Upon successful completion of the ad account creation of the Best Keyword Research Tool Google Keyword Planner, you will come across two category interfaces as shown in the picture below.

free keyword research tool 2021

Both the interfaces above would lead you to avail two different features.

When your intensity is focused on SEO, The option ‘Discover new keywords’ of this one of the keyword research tools may be the golden key to your blog destiny.

best keyword research tool 2021

The above image tells us the detailed result of Keyword ‘Food Delivery in Los Angeles’ for the region of Los Angeles in the country USA.

Apart from the seed keyword this research tool also showing the other long-tail keyword related to this searched term with the combination of competition level, Average CPC [(High CPC+Low CPC)/2] rate.

The second category of this free keyword research tool will let you know how your keyword will perform in the future in the terms of clicks, Impressions, Cost, CTR, Avg.CPC, Max CPC with the average position that you could hold in the future on Google rankings.


Exact long-tail keyword combination that drives authenticated organic traffic to the website and analysis of a website properly may be done with a free keyword research tool is a rumor to all SEO professionals. But the Wordtracker SEO tool has proven these facts true.

Wordtracker free Keyword & SEO tool not only shows the best seed keyword matching combination but also shows its’ volume, Average Competition Level, and IATT(The numbers of webpages in which the seed keyword appears in the title tag and in the anchor tag of backlinks.) according to the selected territory and on different online platforms like Google, Youtube, eBay, and Amazon, etc.

best free keyword research tool 2021

On the other hand website analysis feature of this free keyword research tool could boost your website speed, Optimization feature could help you to provide a detailed analysis of unwanted bugs & stuff on your site, Authority can build your authenticity level in the eyes of Google.

Another impeccable side of this best and free keyword research tool is ‘Keyword Opportunities’ that are not on your seed website or a blog for better SEO treatment. It could actually show other keyword possibilities in which your website may rank.

best free keyword research tool


WMS broadly known as whatsmyserp is a free SEO extension tool designed for web browsers. It is a safe tool for newcomers who have no experience in this field.

WMS exposes the details of your query keyword when you put them on Google Search box.It shows you the related keyword matching with your searched term, CPC(Particular cost of that keyword), and its’ monthly volume in a particular territory.

i am showing a snapshot of how this works.

The detailed of my seed keyword is above.It is showing Related Keywords with combination of Monthly Volumes and CPC.

It is a simple tool,Easy to install and flexible to use.Install it from here.

Question DB:-

Alike all the tools discussed still here not matched with it. This tool is slightly different from all the tools. In fact, it is not a proper SEO tool. It can give you the topic of your blog to write and you will get this as a question. Millions of questions are stored in their database.

The intelligent and smart guys can use this tool like a Keyword Tool by predicting the Keywords from these questions that are searched in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all other search engines in the world.

I searched a seed keyword here ‘bicycle’.It is throwing bunch of phrases that has been searched on Google till date.


SEO is complicated, but it can be overridden if you have the proper tool for researching keywords. Some of them are high rented or some are free.SEMScoop stays in between Free and Paid like Ubersuggest.

For its free version, one could get the free 2 keyword suggestions but all the details of your seed keyword would be given by this tool.

This tool lets you know the difficulty level of your seed keyword, Estimated content length to rank in the top-level SERP page on Google, No.of backlinks that are required to rank on the top-level query page., and on the other hand, it shows the top 10 websites ranking on that keyword.

The all precious data about the top 10 websites that are Domain Authority, Domain Age, Page Authority, Content Size, and Backlinks are also free gifts from this tool.

Google Correlate:-

When the best and free keyword suggestion comes from the top Search Engine in this world, there are fewer some who will not be able to use it in a professional manner.

Google Correlate is free and the best keyword suggestion tool that Google provides for us. When we type anything in the Google search bar Google displays all suitable matched searched results. The formats are in web pages, images, and news.

If you stare a glance at the bottom, you discover that Google has already given you some keyword suggestion like below for my seed keyword ‘best bike in 350cc’:-

Google Trends:-

Forecasting a trending and most searched topic on the internet wouldn’t have been easily available if Google had not developed this one of the best topic and keyword finding golden tools in the year 2006.

Google trends is like Aladdin’s wonder lamp to blogger and Internet marketer.

This tool has benefited many internet marketer since 2006.

To use this best free keyword trending tool all you have to need that a Gmail account and if you haven’t created yet please create a Gmail account here.

The interface of Google trends is quite simple. In the search box, you have to put any topic or keyword. It will show you the result according to region, Related queries, and trending related topics.

best keyword research tool in 2021

Another vibrant feature of this tool is the topic explorer. It gives you an idea of what topics are currently trending. Depending on that you can easily write an article on it and rank your blog on that very topic in the few upcoming days.

As a trending topic example, I have selected the USA region for daily search trends. It is showing the top results that are queried on Google on a particular date.

This tool is very useful for new Bloggers and Internet Marketer. If you want to work on it, Please start your journey now.

Thank you dear readers for your precious time and efforts to read this Best Keyword Research Tools in 2021 article till this end.

Stay Happy, Be Positive, Keep Yourself Joyful Always.